Please read and accept to use the A&C pictures:

You have wished to download a picture from this website. All pictures available at the website are protected by the Norwegian Copyright Act and the Norwegian Marketing Control Act, in pursuance of which the rights holder/Arts & Crafts (A&C) have the exclusive right to decide who may use the pictures and how they may be used. The picture that you wish to use may be used on the following terms: 

• the picture may only be used in the formats offered via the website.

• the picture must not be used together with any business names, logos, trademarks or the like that do not belong to the A&C company. 

• the picture may only be used for Point Of Sale materials, press releases and print media (magazine/newspaper).

• the picture may only be used in the following countries where A&C is present through shop (s) or a distributor. 

• the picture may only be used within the following periods in the year to which the collection belongs:

- pictures from the spring/summer collection may be used from 1 January to 1 october. 
- pictures from the autumn/winter collection may be used from 1 august to 1 march. 

• the picture may only be downloaded for a specific legal purpose, and it must be deleted from any and all media, be they electronic or non-electronic, after having been used for this purpose and before the expiry of the periods stipulated above. 

If you wish to use the picture in some other way than in accordance with the above terms, please send an e-mail to the following e-mail addresses which will then consider your request:

Legal action will be taken against any person who uses the pictures in contravention of the above terms and legal proceedings will be instituted in accordance with Norwegian legislation

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